‘The First’ And ‘The Best’, SOOSAN’s Pride
'First’ & ‘Best’,
These are the pride of SOOSAN HEAVY INDUSTRIES.
Our company is in deed a global company which implements its business targeting all the countries
over the world after having succeeded in the localization and development of overseas products
based on its own technical skills.
  • SOOSAN HEAVY INDUSTRIES that was founded in 1984 succeeded in the development and localization of a hydraulic breaker for the first time in South Korea in the construction and machinery area that had depended heavily on the equipment from foreign countries late 1980s. Our brand has been reborn as one acknowledged worldwide while having achieved the accumulated sales of 100,000 units over the world while having exceeded the domestic first record.
  • Our company, 'SOOSAN HEAVY INDUSTRIES' has done the business with its ceaseless challenges and passions as the biggest company that has led the commercial development of the attachments for heavy equipment until now. Our company has obtained various kinds of international certificates through the production of products based on eco-friendly product development and quality assurance system. Our company has not stopped its innovation while having pursued newness all the time by using all the resources for providing the best products and service.
  • People

    People who work as a member of a global company together
    with more than 130 dealer networks over the world.

  • Culture

    A customer-oriented culture for providing customers with the best benefits!
    A challenging mind trying difficult tasks and not discouraged by a failure!

  • Technology

    Development of technology while targeting the world best performance and quality