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The concept “Robust & Dynamic - SOOSAN Hydraulic Drill” won a Red Dot Design Award 2018. Competing in the Product Concept category, the SOOSAN Drill was chosen from among 5700 designs submitted from 55 different countries and was recognized both for its ergonomic design and consideration for usability.





[Design Intention]

1.     Proceeding power : A strong forward identity is emphasized with a speedy sense of engaged gears.

2.     Grown-up proportion : With optical illusion graphic applied to the visual ratio of the actual product, the cabin looks smaller while the body (engine part) looks bigger for a mature image.

3.     Compact size: The slim design with compact internal structure increases dynamics while reducing production cost.

4.     Robust and dynamic (interior): It is built with toughness and dynamics in harmony with the exterior.


[Shape Features]

1.     With proceeding power in mind, we highlighted the strong forward image and strong drilling power.

2.     The new shape of the cabin and body (engine part) resemble engaged gears.

3.     Drilling and strong forward image are highlighted, with the gear image representing dynamics while diagonal lines are appropriately used on the front and sides to stress the speedy sense and dynamics of the gear shape.

4.     The component layout considers the weight balance for functional stability and the exterior ensures overall balance.